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Activities of consulting expertise in the field of management This activity includes providing advice, guidance and operational assistance to commercial projects and other institutions on management issues, such as: strategic and organizational planning, areas of decision-making in matters of a financial nature, marketing objectives and policies, human resource policies, practice and planning, production schedules and planning control operations, and also includes relationships Public communications and design of accounting methods, cost accounting software and budget control procedures, and advice and assistance to commercial and public enterprises in planning, organization, efficiency, control and management information.

Among these activities are:
Obtaining a commercial register
Obtaining investment approvals after government approvals
Commercial address for 3 months
Memorandum of Association of the company
Obtaining municipal approval
Documentation of the company’s incorporation contract
Assistance in submitting papers to the bank according to the terms of the banks
Pay all government fees to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Municipalities
Submit all documents to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority
Obtaining a commercial investor record
Obtaining an investor residence for two years and the government fees for the visa on the investor


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